Yumi Nakata
中田 有美

Yumi Nakata (*1984, Nara, lives and works in Nara, Japan) deals intensively in her oil painting with the self-portrait as well as its history and potential future. The focus is on the role of the artist as a creative individual. Is the self still a requirement for painting today? Can it be separated from the painting process - for example by using external control systems? In her works, the artist radically breaks with the rules of the classic self-portrait, turns it upside down, so to speak, and deliberately brings her pictures out of balance. Nakata goes so far that her works no longer resemble conventional self-portraits. Since 2014 the artist has been working on a series that she calls Background of Background. This includes combinations of oil painting on canvas with large inkjet prints placed behind. The role of the wall as a carrier of meaning in the context of the presentation of art is being explored anew.


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