Nobuyuki Osaki
大崎 のぶゆき

Images of dissolving faces, bodies, and patterns leave a lasting impression on the viewers of Nobuyuki Osaki's art. His works initially resemble colorful watercolor paintings. But in the case of his videos very soon one detects a slow but consistent motion that lets contours morph into tender and diffuse shapes. With these Osaki “draws“ what he calls the “uncertainty of reality“. In doing so, he comes to terms with what makes up memories. For his works the artist researches the memories of others. He interviews family members, friends, or even unkown people he happens to come into contact with and collects photographs. For his pictures, the artist researches, among other things, the memories of others, interviews friends, collects photos, to use this information to create his portraits. But are memories real, do they bring "true" pictures from memory as historians retrieve documents from the archives? Osaki doubts and sees memories as more than a journey into uncertainty, where fiction and reality no longer separate a clear boundary. The image, which has just been brought from the past into the present, dissolves again, drifts into uncertainty, to take shape again in another form. Osaki dares to speculate: Perhaps such memories transformed into works of art contain experiences that reproduce themselves in similar memory events, such as devastating earthquakes. Then there are, so to speak, prophetic "memories" that already show the reactions to a possible event in the future.

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