Yuki Yamamoto
山本 雄基

Circles of various sizes and colors, placed over, under and next to each other inhabit Yuki Yamamoto's art. His paintings are the result of a meticulous work process. Layer upon layer of transparent to opaque acrylic paint is applied, allowed to dry and then sanded down to achieve thin and even results. This procedure is repeated as often as ten times. A clear varnish gives the works their final touch. As a result, Yamamoto's paintings simultaneously emphasize their flat physical surface as well as the illusion of a never-ending three-dimensional space dotted with colorful circles. Because of their unique compositional nature, each painting appears to be part of a larger composition. In the observer's imaginative mind, the margins of the canvases can potentially be expanded to infinity. "I transpose," the artist once said, "my feeling to abstract painting." But from what feeling is abstracted here? It is best to approach this question with terms such as environment or surrounding. Similar to the word perimeter, they speak of circles, something that orbits or surrounds a subject. Yuki Yamamoto developed a certain sensibility for these perimeters - their differences, distances, proximities, intensities or overlaps. He has a sense for individuals, objects, spaces and even time, which in his art all transform themselves into the abstracted form of circles ("surroundings"). These circles seem constantly in motion, like bubbles, like spheres. They appear to be floating while gently bouncing off each other, drifting apart, coming back together, occasionally stopping and starting to move.

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ART - Das Kunstmagazin: Phänomenales Kreis-Chaos (2015)


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