Shingo Yoshida, Réprouvé #01, C-Print, 180x120 cm, 2018.

Shingo Yoshida
シンゴ ヨシダ 

Shingo Yoshida is at home in the world. For his works he constantly travels across the globe, from Japan to Slovenia, from Berlin to Iceland, or from Kuala Lumpur to São Paulo. His destinations are usually somewhere in nature, untouched areas or landscapes inhabited by traditional cultures. With film and photo camera he traces legends, myths and hidden places, meets people whose cultures, ideas and visions he is intrigued with. The search for the unknown is in all of his expeditions simultaneously a serach for the self.

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Essay by Shingo Yoshida published on Switch (English)    |     Essay by Shingo Yoshida published on Switch (French)


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