Motoi Yamamoto
山本 基

Motoi Yamamoto uses a very unique artistic material: salt. The artist draws with this white mineral, which flows from a small bottle like ink from a pen. In labyrinthine formations, the mineral is spread out on the ground. Countless bubble-like shapes are combined to form larger units, swirling organically, reminiscent of galaxies, or microscopic glimpses of structures invisible to the naked eye. Salt in Yamamoto's art has a cosmic (micro- and macrocosmic) dimension. And just as the cosmos itself is transient, so is his art. The artist urges his audience to remove the salt after the end of each installation and to bring it back to where it came from: the waters of this world. But taking and giving are not just material considerations. Giving or giving again is always a way of remembrance for Yamamoto with which he commemorates his sister, who died at an early age. His salt labyrinths resemble the infinitely branched paths of memory, which not only stores, but also triggers pain and sorrow and thus leads to the place of their origin. "I want to," the artist once said, "feel the core of my memories deep inside me again." Motoi Yamamoto's salt work speak about the way forward and back, the two ways in everyone’s' life, in a very general yet sensual form.

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Interview NR Magazine 6/2021         |          Art Magazin 5/2020         |          Actus Magazin 5/2020



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