Rikuo Ueda
ウエダ リクオ

Rikuo Ueda designs and builds for an artist other than himself. Ueda works as a duo, so to speak. Here his own contribution, with which he thinks up and carries out everything necessary, from tools to the workshop. There his artistic counterpart, who undertakes the actual creative act, mainly in the form of random drawings. For Ueda's artistic counterpart is capricious, from quiet to calm & restrained to wildly raging. Rikuo Ueda cooperates with the wind, which gets caught in his movable devices, which then execute calligraphic diagrams on drawing surfaces using a pen.

Wind has always fascinated human beings. It blows away grief, provides fresh air and clear vision. And as an elementary force it has special metaphorical qualities. Like water, which flows forever but is never the same, wind, too, has a moment of eternal change, even more so of movement. Translated into the symbolic and cosmic, the wind means the moving mover, the change of transient time in the constancy of eternity. Thus, Rikuo Ueda's works of art are messages of the wind, diagrams of its capricious nature and thus also signs of our own existence, often marked by the storm of time. As drawings they are in the tradition of Japanese calligraphy, which has always found its great themes in chance and the forces of nature.

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Award ceremony
Sächsische Akademie der Künste, Palaisplatz 3, 01097 Dresden



Art Magazin 5/2020     |     Art Magazin 1/2015     |     Monopol Magazin (2015)    |    Pipeline (2014)



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