Ken Matsubara, "Paper in the Wind", movie, antique Japanese book, projector, mixed media, 2014

Ken Matsubara
松原 健

Ken Matsubara creates installations based on film and photography, often in conjunction with antiquarian objects of everyday use, with the help of which he seeks to activate the collective memory of mankind. In this, the artist sees a link between the first humans and those of us who now inhabit the planet. Transmitted through DNA, this knowledge, inherited for millennia, possesses transcendent qualities that transcend conventional notions of individuality, cultures and borders. The ability to transport past presences into the present makes photography and film Matsubara's preferred media. The artist sees in the light images projection surfaces for memories that allow an entrance into the inner world of the self. In order to activate this, both in the selection of his motifs and the components of his installations, he resorts to materials that have a validity for as many people as possible. Consequently, water, glasses, candles, paper, but also people are the actors of his works. Matsubara's works follow the Japanese aesthetic of "mono no aware", an attitude that simultaneously emphasizes sadness and acceptance towards the transience of all being.

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Positions Berlin Art Fair
September 14-17, 2023 
Flughafen Tempelhof (Hanger 6, Stand  A17) 


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