Daiki Kimoto
木本 大貴

Time Line

Daiki Kimoto explores the relationship between information systems on the Internet and personal memory. It is not unusual to make art at or to music. The young Japanese artist synchronizes his works exactly with the duration of the pieces. In fact, the playback duration seems to be very important: When streaming songs from a music distribution service, a time line always shows the exact amount of time remaining. Thus, Daiki Kimoto begins to make a slow move without interruption from the beginning of the tones with the brush on a sheet of paper and ends only with the last tone. However, since the size of the paper and the working window is predefined, all these music pictures have the same length, the differences are in the duration of the drawing, the colour of the line and the shading. The length of the timeline on the screen also remains the same, and only the speed at which the marker moves on it varies depending on the time it is played. Daiki Kimoto sees this and the images derived from it as a metaphor suggesting that time in which we live is not about length, but about what we do in this limited time, and that this can be expressed in terms of density and quality – and can be represented in colour.

Once a lineament has been made, the same line cannot be repeated in the exact manner again. Strictly speaking, this is also the case with music, even if technically the data of a song are the same on the Internet. Because what you feel about this piece depends on the type of speakers you hear it with, where you hear it, the mood, the weather and other factors. Just as the music of the past is always overwritten by new memories, in the series of Daiki Kimoto's works the paint on the brush is not washed out, but fresh paint is added for a new lineament and an even more complex image is created. Daiki Kimoto's works are not only individual music notations, but also a question on the nature, quality and perception of time, which is addressed in his performances as well.


Daiki Kimoto
2000 born in Japan
2018 Konan High School of the Arts, Osaka

Solo Exhibitions

2022 "Time Line", Mikiko Sato Gallery, Hamburg
2021 "Line of Time (From left to right)", Studio Hiroyuki Masuyama Art in Hafen e.V Düsseldorf
2021 "Activity time", Studio Hiroyuki Masuyama Art in Hafen e.V, Düsseldorf
2021 "When looking at the river. (Progress)", Düsseldorf


2022 "Time Line 6 hours", Friday Hamburg, Hamburg
2021 "Time line (what's new?)", Oberbilker Allee 24, 40215 Düsseldorf
2019 "I am here", Worringerplatz, Düsseldorf


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