07.06. — 06.07.2024

Mit allen Wassern gewaschen – すべては水であらわれる
Josephin Böttger, Taiyoh Mori, Mariella Mosler, Nobuyuki Osaki, Oliver Ross, Miyuki Tsugami und Rikuo Ueda

Invitation to the special exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary “35 years of city partnership between Hamburg and Osaka”
Opening: Friday, 07.06.2024, 18:00
Exhibition: 08.06.-06.07.2024

Hamburger Hof Passage
Jungfernstieg 24-26 20354 Hamburg

2024 marks the 35th anniversary of the city partnership between Hamburg and Osaka. On this occasion, we are delighted to present the group exhibition “Mit allen Wassern gewaschen - すべては水であらわれる”, in which the works of seven outstanding Japanese and German artists will be shown together for the first time. The bringing together of contemporary artistic positions from both twin cities not only reflects the friendly relationship between the two cosmopolitan port metropolises, but also supports the cultural exchange that has been increasingly promoted since 1989. Those who have been washed in all waters are proverbially clever, experienced and, admittedly, a little cunning. Creative work requires all of these qualities, as artists are often faced with challenges that demand imaginative solutions. The current exhibition is therefore also to be understood as an intercultural dialog platform that invites its visitors to actively participate in the contemporary art discourse.

With Taiyoh Mori, Nobuyuki Osaki, Miyuki Tsugami and Rikuo Ueda, four artists born in Osaka or living there today will be exhibited together with threir Hamburg-based colleagues Josephin Böttger, Mariella Mosler and Oliver Ross. Rikuo Ueda is known for his wind drawings, in which he provides the otherwise invisible force of nature with a unique drawing system. Taiyoh Mori, on the other hand, examines the genre of drawing itself by reducing it to the line, while Nobuyuki Osaki acts as an archivist of fading memories in his video work (the result of a fascinating mixture of painting, photography and video). Miyuki Tsugami in turn impresses with her powerful, expressive canvases, in which she captures places as an expression of time. In 2019, she dedicated Hamburg and Osaka to her exhibition View. Life and Waterways (on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the city partnership, also at the Mikiko Sato Gallery), she dedicated a joint series of works to Hamburg and Osaka, in which she focused in particular on the waterways of the two cities. The two central works have since been shown publicly again for the first time.

On the German side, Mariella Mosler creates a tension between art and everyday objects through the use of beautiful, mostly everyday materials. With her masks in the current exhibition, she is once again on a collision course with an art scene and art history established until the early 20th century, whose participants used to label the “primitive” and “exotic” with a questionable concept of authenticity and exploit it for their own ends. Oliver Ross' gaudy and colorful mixed-media works involve viewers in a sophisticated and cunning way in a persistently stimulating confrontation with the question of the current nature and the as yet unexploited possibilities of art. The richness of color and form are never merely eye-catchers, but always the starting point for a more in-depth examination of art itself. Ross' artistic approach thus strives to meet an ever-increasing desire for direct understanding. Finally, Josephin Böttger enriches the exhibition with an experimental video work alongside photographs and sketches, in which she takes viewers on a fictitious cosmic journey behind the event horizon of a black hole. The artist prefers to show her works in public spaces. Building facades become dynamic projection surfaces and temporarily change their visual structure.

The three Hamburg-based artists Josephin Böttger, Mariella Mosler and Oliver Ross will consequently take part in the ART OSAKA 2024 (Expanded Section, location: kagoo) from July 18-22, 2024, where they will once again present a completely new selection of works on an area of around 100m2. In this way, the artists will also make a decisive contribution to promoting bilateral cultural dialog in Japan.


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