31.10. — 04.12.2020

Yuki Yamamoto - PLACE OF HELLO

With the inviting title "Place of Hello", the Japanese artist Yuki Yamamoto is back with a new solo exhibition in the Mikiko Sato Gallery in the Galeriehaus Hamburg. It will open on Friday, October 30, 2020 between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The latest works on canvas in small to large format are shown.

In Yuki Yamamoto's works, one essential main motif has always dominated the painterly compositions: the perfect circle. In different sizes, colors and transparencies, it populates the carefully painted canvases, mostly in multiple designs and in seemingly random juxtaposition and juxtaposition. The unique visual appeal of the work unfolds entirely in direct opposition to the original. It is only here that the viewer notices the seemingly infinite depth of those pictorial spaces that cannot be precisely determined in terms of scale or location, in which circles (or spheres) seem to be in a kind of floating state. Yamamoto achieves this remarkable effect of depth with the help of up to ten layers of paint applied as thinly as possible. The specifically controlled transparency of the color always preserves the view of the respective underlying picture elements.

Yamamoto's painting tells of relationships on the smallest and largest scale (from quanta to galaxies), creates situations in which order and disorder coexist. Careful compositional planning and disciplined implementation are essential. For example, the circles in his most recent works sit mainly on horizontal and vertical axes. However, the deliberate break with one's own set of rules is typical of Yamamoto's way of working. As a result, there are always small, large, color-intensive or even transparent circles that dance out of line, do not fit into the chain and thus form the exceptions that literally confirm the rule. In the simultaneous pursuit of structure and chaos as well as the uncertainty of the scale, Yamamoto repeatedly creates states of the in-between. Everything is relative. It is precisely in this ambiguity, which not only stimulates associations and thoughts but actually challenges them, that the attraction of his painterly work lies.


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