31.03. — 13.05.2023

Taiyoh Mori - TRACE

Taiyoh Mori's artistic work is dedicated to the question of the nature of drawing and its relationship to space. The line serves the artist as a guideline, with the help of which he hopes to investigate the relationship between material, artist and quality of the work. Mori finds superficial emotions or suggestion rather disturbing, which explains the reduced vocabulary of colour and form. Mori adds a spatio-temporal component to his drawings by incorporating glass and predominantly natural light into his installations. The works enter into direct contact with their respective environment through the shadow play created, reacting to changes like resonating bodies and are consequently in a state of continuous change. The moment of contemplation is thus always unique and transient. The experience of transitions or the dissolution of boundaries between image and space is one of the essential concerns in his works.


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