26.10. — 01.12.2019

Miyuki Tsugami. View - Life and Waterways

Miyuki Tsugami, View, Elbe, Hamburg 11:52 am 1 Nov 2018/2019, 2019, pigment, acrylic paint and other media on canvas, 27,5 x 41,2 cm.

On the canvases of Japanese painter Miyuki Tsugami (born 1973 in Tokyo, grew up in Osaka, lives and works in Kamakura) past, present and future regularly merge to form impressive timescapes. The direct experience of a place always forms the basis of her work. Capturing urban or landscape scenes as an expression of time is the declared aim of the artist. Tsugami makes sketches, to which she likes to add remarks and thoughts on light conditions or historical and archaeological information. Already here, in these small-scale preparatory works, she begins to reduce what she has seen to its essential traits. In the canvases later created in the studio, clearly defined contours dissolve and give space for a color landscape determined by sensory impressions. In the abstraction of form Tsugami finds a way of concretizing time. The artist knows: Everything is in motion, in sync with the flow of time.

For the upcoming solo exhibition View - Life and Waterways, which takes place on the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the city partnership of Hamburg and Osaka, Miyuki Tsugami visited Hamburg from the end of October to the beginning of November 2018 for the first time and made numerous sketches in the city and harbor area. Her preparatory work for Osaka was done much earlier, in late 2015 and early 2016 in the area around the central wholesale market on the River Aji near her parents' home. The results of her work now form the basis for the upcoming exhibition.

Miyuki Tsugami with sketch book at Oberhafenbrücke in Hamburg, 2018. Photo: Adreas Weiss.


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