NOBUYUKI OSAKI - Portraits (Buenos Aires Portrait of Japanese immigrants) - Gallery PARC, Tokio


An artist's residence brought Nobuyuki Osaki to Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2019, the city Marcel Duchamp retired to in 1918 to think about chess and the idea of the fourth dimension. Nobuyuki Osaki specifically visited people with Japanese roots and used - as usual for his work - their private photographic material and the content of the discussions as a basis for his artistic work on questions such as the importance of personal memory and time. The exhibition Portraits (Buenos Aires Portrait of Japanese immigrants), the summary of his one-month research, was on display from November 22 to December 8, 2019 at Gallery PARC in Tokyo and it seems that Osaki is the economic crisis of the Latin American country understood as a kind of foreboding for the future of his own home country.


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